vulnerability is sometimes the only path that can lead to recovery. 

My sister’s son died when he was 17. Most marriages don’t survive this kind of loss, but she and her husband did. Now they are able to help other parents find wholeness – and sometimes God – through friendships built on a struggle.

— anonymous

We have all gone through times of great challenge.  Some of us are able to heal, and a few are able to lead others through the maze of hurt.  These two sides – the broken and the whole – can be part of a better future for both.

Are you hurt? Do you need someone to talk to, who can relate to you?

Freedom Session is a time of sharing hurts and struggles with others who have walked the path you are on now.  Please join us.



Freedom Session is a journey of healing and discipleship. This course will re-open for registration in Summer 2018.

September - May
Tuesday Night | 7:00 – 9:30
Ellerslie | Fireside Room
Cost: $200

Karol Pape